Our town hall project is aimed at two major goals:

  1. Advancing local governance across all local government areas in Nigeria by building a system that promotes transparency and accountability with zero corruption at the grass root level.
  2. promotes participation of men and women of integrity in governance, and through our town hall activities monitor the implementation of budgets and execution of constituency projects within that locality.

Our recruitment and membership will help our spread of this ideology and also help in ensuring a majority of the populace are within to help strengthen our position in the nation. Considering that the current system which produces the elections and current politicians was built over a period. If we are to have any meaningful change, we must build another system. Systems are built with people, ideology and culture.

That’s why we must gather all men and women of integrity who believe in what we believe to help in ensuring this work is achieved with speed. You will start from those you know, if you bring those you know and I bring those I know, we will bring in everybody. Out there there are evil men who spread across all the parties and States that have determined this country won’t know good, until good men like you and I stop talking and participate, do something, we will not see an end of whatever we are complaining about.

CNC is determined to achieving our goals, since 2017 we have been at it and will not stop let’s take complete control of the grassroot through our town halls, spread of CNC vision and ideology, transparency and accountability with zero tolerance to corruption at every locality and the new Nigeria will be born. That’s why we need everyone to support the town hall project and see that we succeed in all 774 local government areas of this country. Let’s join hands now and do the right thing, become a valiant CNC member and let’s build that Nigeria of our dream, starting from your local government.

God bless CNC
God bless our Nation Nigeria


To Join CNC Contact your state Coordinator or the Director of Mobilization – Rev Nathaniel F. Luke – +234 803 505 5692

Ukpola, Okereke Chinedu

Ukpola, Okereke Chinedu

CNC National President