This month of October precisely the 24th and 25th will mark the birth of a new era in Nigeria’s democratic governance. The Center for NGOs and Citizens engagement (CNC) is a coalition of NGOs and other men and women of integrity who have come together to achieve the vision of a united Nigeria where every citizen lives in peace, harmony and prosperity.

Our 2019 Congress this year is epochal, as it will be heralding the Launch of the greatest thing that has happened to our democracy, the most effective, non violent strategy towards achieving transparency and accountability with zero tolerance to corruption in our democratic governance.

Our Nation has come of age, so much progress has been made over the years , yet so much is yet to be achieved. But the current system prevalent in our democratic governance where very few are involved and majority are standing aside criticizing and evaluating has hindered proper development and progress.

What we must do now and very quickly is become a vital part of the governance and contribute our quota for the good of our country. The most patriotic action for any well meaning Nigerian to do now is to participate in our democratic governance. We must all become relevant in the actualization of a greater Nigeria. A lot of the good men are quiet and docile, a lot of the bad men are very busy, no wonder the system is so coloured with corruption and all kinds of ills. Now is the the time to use the good investment of our personalities to affect our Nation positively.

We must become a part of what goes on around us to influence it for good. We must become Patriotic indeed and participate sincerely through service. We must not continue to ignore, and say its their business. No matter how many years you and your children live abroad the best you can answer is an African American or any other name they give, but we all will continually be Nigerians.

America was built by Americans, Britain was built by the British people, and so other countries, Nigeria also will be built by Nigerians. We may all be ashamed of it now but the glory of this country lies within you and I.

The CNC Town Hall project is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of governance, to contribute their part either by ensuring the works are done or by giving ideas and information that can help us get the work done and expose those who are bent on destroying our Nation. If you can’t deal with them someone out there can, CNC is providing that platform for you to do something, for you to make sure your voice is heard. CNC is providing a platform for godly men to thrive and for good to prevail, a platform that will help us build that united and prosperous country.

Now is the time, join the CNC Town halls, either as a town hall delegate or as an informant. Be a part this Epoch making project, one day our children will ask us some questions, one day some of us will be proud to tell the story of the CNC Town Halls. When we will see those vibrant town halls in all the 774 Local government areas In Nigeria vibrant and active, institutionalizing transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

Welcome to the New Era of Governance , well come to the days of Zero tolerance to corruption, well come to the days of transparency and accountability. God bless CNC and God bless our Nation Nigeria.

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Ukpola, Okereke Chinedu

Ukpola, Okereke Chinedu

CNC National President