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Our aim is to Promote Patriotism and Participatory governance; institutionalize transparency and accountability in governance and eliminate corruption

What We Do

CENTER FOR NGOs AND CITIZENS engagement (CNC) is a coalition of several NGOs and men and women of integrity who have decided to work together to build a united and peaceful Nigeria where citizens live in peace and harmony. We are achieving this through inspiring participation and patriotism among the citizens irrespective of their gender or social class.

Our Mission

To Promote Patriotism and Participatory governance; institutionalize transparency and accountability in governance and eliminate corruption.

What We Do

Through our different projects especially our Town hall projects support Open Government principles and Co- creation strategies.

Our Vision

A united and peaceful Nigeria where all citizens live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

News & Updates

What You Must Know About CNC & Our Current Strategy

Our town hall project is aimed at two major goals: Advancing local governance across all local government areas in Nigeria by building a system that promotes transparency and accountability with zero corruption at the grass root level. promotes participation of men...

Appointment Of A New Board Chairman For CNC

We have appointed a new board chairman for CNC in the person of Mr Dennis Amachree. He will be taking over the leadership of the Board from the former Board Chairman Mr D.N. Kaze, who is currently involved in an international assignment with the united Nations and...


Oct 24th-25th, 2018 | Treasure Suite Hotel, Shehu Shagari Way. CBD Abuja

The Center for NGOs and Citizens engagement (CNC) Will be holding its 2019 Congress, on the 24th and 25th of October at Treasure Suite Hotel Abuja. CNC is a coalition of NGOs and men and women of integrity who has come together to promote patriotism and citizens Participation in governance. Our vision is a united Nigeria where all citizens live in peace, harmony and prosperity.
This year’s congress will be unique because we will be launching the first of its kind in Nigeria, the CNC TOWN HALL Project. This project conceptualizes the establishment of 774 Town halls in all the local government areas in Nigeria. The aim of the town hall is to bring the people together to participate in governance and through the different activities of the town hall institutionalize a system of transparency and accountability that will thrive right from the grass with zero corruption. Monitor budgets, the implementation of constituency projects with the collaboration of other NGOs who are working hard to produce reliable data for this purpose.
The involvement of the people in governance has proven to be quite effective in so many countries in fighting corruption, and ensuring openness in government.
We are therefore launching this town hall project as our own way of ensuring good governance becomes the order of our society from the grass roots. We believe if the people at all levels become aware of what goes on in government, this will naturally curb the high level of corruption prevalent in our government today.
To ensure effectiveness of these Town Halls we will also be launching a collaborative network with the Anti- Corruption agencies(ACAs) that will rebuild trust In whistleblowing as an effective strategy in exposing corruption at all levels. The Network will help the CSOs and the Citizens at large enjoy the support and assistance of the anti corruption agencies as they carry out their activities in the town hall that will ensure fiscal transparency and accountability.
Also as part of the activities of this congress will be the formation of the CNC- MOJ(FOI) Support desk, that will serve as a national support to the citizens as they invoke the Freedom of Information Act during the course of their town hall duties.
We also hope to establish an effective government citizens interactive forum that will help curb the high level of fake news we are seeing in our country today by bringing the government into an interactive forum that will give the people government information first hand without generating unnecessary rumours. This we believe will increase the peoples perception of the government and their efforts to deliver.
We strongly believe that for democracy to thrive, there must a system that will support transparency and accountability with zero corruption otherwise our effort will be in vain. Our projects like the town hall is aimed at building this system and we believe in few years time corruption and fraud in our government will be such a thing of shame that no citizens will want to indulge. We encourage all well meaning Nigerians to join the CNC vision and let’s build that Nigeria of our dream. God bless CNC, God bless Nigeria

Ukpola, Okereke Chinedu
National President


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